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Brain injury Mailing lists

BIAOR-OPEN - The Brain Injury Association of Oregon's open discussion about issues related to brain injury survivors. Family members, caregivers, doctors, lawyers, therapists, teachers, and other professionals are welcome to participate. Offers subscription information and an archive of prior postings.

BI-CHILD-L - ABI/TBI Brain Injured Children Support list is for parents or other family members who take care of children with a Brain Injury. Includes subscribing instructions and an archive of past postings.

CARE-HF-L (TBI/ABI Caregivers of High-Functioning brain injured) - For parents, spouses or other family members who takes care of a person with a brain injury that is high-functioning. Provides subscription information and archives of past postings.

CARE-SPOUSE-L - ABI/TBI caregivers discussion for people who care for a spouse with a brain injury. Also provides subscription guidelines and an archive of past posts.

CARE-TBI - A general list for parents, spouses or other family members who take care of a person with a brain injury. Professional caregivers are also welcome. Offers information on subscribing as well as an archive of past postings.

COMA-L - A list offering support and information to people who have a loved one in a coma or PVS (persistent vegetative state). Provides subscription instructions and archived postings.

QUADRIPLEGIA - Offers support and information for survivors of stroke or other TBIs and their caregivers. Provides subscription information and archived posts.

TBI-CARING-KIDS - Provides information and support to TBI/ABI Caregiving Kids. Also gives subscription information and access to past postings.

TBI-SPRT - Saint John's University traumatic brain injury support group list. Contains subscription instructions and archived postings.

TBI-SURV - ABI/TBI Survivors Support Group provides subscription instructions and archives of past posts.

TBI-WORKING - For persons who have sustained a brain injury and are working at their previous job or have started or are trying to start a new job. Contains instructions for subscribing and archives of prior posts.

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