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Severe Brain Injury and the Occupational Therapist

This web site describes the work done by an Occupational Therapist and a young man with severe brain injury. An account is given of their progress through four simple tasks over a period of a few months, annotated by the later reflections of the practitioner.

The diagnosis of this man was severe brain injury, but his dilemma was that he did not know what to do with his life. This dilemma is taken as the starting point for the thesis, using a framework centred on occupation.

Rehabilitation is always going to be relevant to the person with brain injury, but it is not possible to frame the whole of life in the context of rehabilitation. There comes a time when it is more appropriate to get on with life, taking the brain injury into account. The brain injury does not go away, which means that support is still necessary, this thesis attempts to describe the different kind of practice which is necessary in this case.

The writer is an occupational therapist who was employed by, and directly responsible to, the family of the young man who had the head injury. This was a unique situation which arose from a political and funding context in the mid nineties. The context has changed, but the work described here is still being done by carers and families of people with brain injury.


Note: all identifying features have been changed in this web site.

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