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Residential programs for those with brain injury

NeuroInternational - Florida, Michigan, and More: NeuroInternational specializes in providing residential neurorehabilitation and neurobehavioral services to persons with traumatic brain injury, acquired brain injury, closed head injury and spinal cord injury. We offer Florida's premier neurobehavioral supported living facility.

Acquired Brain Injury Service (ARBIAS) - A specialist, non-government agency providing a range of services to people with acquired brain injury, predominately caused by alcohol or other substances. Aims to assist people disabled through acquired brain injury to live and function to their full potential in the community.

Back in the Saddle - A long term residential facility for adults with "acquired brain damage" who are motivated to be as self-reliant and independent as possible. Life skill trainers live on site, and a Case Manager works with residents to help prioritize goals.

Brain Injury Centre - Provides rehabilitation of acquired brain injury after accident or illness with a goal of promoting independence.

Brain Injury Rehabilitation Institute of Florida - Traumatic brain injury and head injury education and rehabilitation.

Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust - Provides post-acute holistic treatment and support through long-term rehabilitation facilities, transitional living units, supported housing, and community outreach services throughout the UK.

Brain-Net, Development of Brain Injured Children - Aimed at improving the quality of life of brain injured children, by training their parents in the knowledge and expertise of specialized techniques, and providing ongoing support to enable them to help their children overcome the disabilities limiting their potential.

Center for Brain Injury Rehabilitation - C.RE.CER - Specializes in assessment, diagnosis, treatment and holistic rehabilitation of brain injury sequels. Located in Spain, the team of specialists in neurology, neuropsychology, psychotherapy, and physical, occupational, and speech therapy offer international consultations for special cases. Spanish and English versions available.

Center for Comprehensive Services - Post acute brain injury rehabilitation facility serving individuals in a residential, day-treatment, or outpatient setting. Programs include neuro-rehabilitation, neuro-behavioral training, supported living, community re-entry, personal intervention,

The Centre for Brain Injury Rehabilitation and Development - BIRD offers a pioneering treatment approach to those suffering from all forms of brain injury, and with persons having minor central nervous system dysfunctions.

Cognitive Rehabilitation and Family Support Services (CRAFSS) - A post-TBI facility located in Palm Harbor, Florida offering residential, outpatient, and home-based therapies as well as supportive living and employment programs. A recreational component is available along with training in safety, mobility, communication, interpersonal relations, and home management.

Community Transitions - Offers services which bridge the gap between traditional rehabilitation therapy and a successful return to community living. Includes cognitive training, daily living skills, vocational training, and counseling for people with brain injury. Located in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Crotched Mountain's Adult Brain Injury Program - Provides extended rehabilitative services and individualized care to survivors of traumatic brain injury. Located in New Hampshire.

Estin & Goodchild: Foundation for a Future - A neurodevelopmental consulting firm in Gloucester, MA helping parents of BI and LD children create new futures through education, movement instruction, and support.

Futures Unlimited - An out patient physical therapy clinic located in Columbus, Mississippi. Unique in the application of physical therapy techniques. Spasticity is reduced without medication or electrical stimulation. Range of motion is improved without practice. Muscle tone and muscle bulk is frequently increased without resistive exercise.

Head Injury Rehabilitation & Referral Services, Inc. (HIRRS) - Serves individuals with neurological impairments, specializing in brain injuries. Offers residential and outpatient programs, vocational training, life skills assistance, educational goals, and assistance in accessing community and medical resources. A non-profit agency located in Rockville, MD.

Hickok Center For Brain Injury - Clubhouse program where members work together to re-build skills, gain confidence, and form new relationships. Allows individuals to work on their own pre-vocational interests at their own pace. Provides social support, recreational activities, and exercise equipment.

Hope Network Rehabilitation Services - Specializing in brain injury, stroke, and physical injury or illness. Residential and community living services include physical, occupational, speech and language, and recreational therapies. Also offers neuropsychiatry, Physiatry, social work, and Independent Living Instruction. Located in Michigan.

Jodi House - A nonprofit corporation established to provide rehabilitation services through recreational and social activities to adults with acquired brain injury in Santa Barbara County.

Kampfe Management Services - A community based re-entry program focused on providing cognitive retraining for traumatically-brain injured adults. Serving the Pacific Northwest.

Learning Services - A national provider of innovative rehabilitation and supported living programs for individuals with an acquired brain injury. Programs available in various USA locations.

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission - Statewide Head Injury Program - Identifies, cultivates, and develops a network of community resources and services for residents who have sustained an externally caused traumatic brain injury to assist individuals in maintaining or increasing their level of independence at home, work, and in their communities.

MENTOR ABI Group - Rehabilitative and support services for persons in New Jersey and the metropolitan New York areas with acquired brain injury. NeuroBehavioral Rehabilitation, supervised or supportive living, and therapeutic structured day programs are offered.

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury - Providing treatment of MTBI with neurotherapy and vision therapy techniques without the use of medications. From the Behavioral Medicine Associates, Inc. in Edina, Minnesota.

MindWorks - Support Services for Brain Injury - Provides community-based, brain injury rehabilitation services and programs tailored to client needs. Locations throughout Ontario.

Missouri TeleRehabilitation Training Program - Joint effort to promote access to appropriate behavioral health care in rural communities.

The Neuro Institute - Providing occupational, physical, massage, and speech therapies and rehabilitation for patients with acquired brain and spinal cord injuries. Located in Arizona.

NeuroAdvance, Inc. - Provides residential, in-home, educational, and vocational rehabilitation programs with an emphasis on individuals with extensive behavioral and neuro-psychological issues. Services for clients in the New England and Mid-Atlantic area.

Neurobehavioral Healthcare Systems - A network of rehabilitation facilities which includes rehabilitation for pediatric and adult patients who have suffered neurological or brain injury.

Neurologic Rehabilitation Institute of Ontario - Provides neuromotor and physiotherapy rehabilitation to individuals with motor impairments following brain injury or other neurologic conditions. Offers adult and pediatric clinics and community based programs.

Neurorestorative Speciality Centers - Neurorehabilitation and neurobehavioral services for adults and youth with post-acute brain injury. Customized treatment programs available in various southern locations.

Ohio Valley Center For Brain Injury Prevention And Rehabilitation - Develops and distributes model programs of prevention, acute care and rehabilitation for people who have had brain injuries. Provides service to survivors, families and service providers on a national level.

Origami - A joint partnership between Peckham Industries and Michigan State University providing physical and vocational rehabilitation, as well as community-based services for people affected by brain injury.

Our House TBI Residence - A licensed residential facility that provides a structured, safe, transitional program for adults recovering from traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, or other related injuries. Located in Shelby Township, Michigan.

Peartree House - Center specializing in long and short-term individualized treatment of younger people with an acquired brain injury. A team of specialists offer occupational, physical, psychological, speech, and recreational rehabilitation, along with community and independent living skills. Located in Southampton, UK.

Plus NeuroRehabilitation - Offers individual and group therapy and retraining in cognitive, behavioral, social, physical, and life skills. Provides community-integrated residential and home-based rehabilitative services for people with Acquired Brain Injuries in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Quality Living, Inc. - Brain Injury Specialists - Residential rehabilitation program dedicated to assisting those with acquired brain injury to re-integrate them into the community and provide support for their families and careers.

RAC Brain Injury - Provides rehabilitation in the Chicago Area including post acute outpatient and day treatment programs, community-based rehabilitation for children and adults with a TBI, ABI, or SCI.

Reach Personal Injury - Home based brain injury rehabilitation for patients requiring behavioral, neuro-psychological and occupational therapy, counseling, care and rehabilitation. Services provided throughout the UK.

Sandpoint Traumatic Brain Injury Unit - Long-term residential care in a Christian setting for those who no longer need hospital or constant rehabilitative care but are not able to live on their own. A service of Valley Vista Care Corporation in Idaho.

Saskatchewan Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured (SARBI) - Offers individually designed, physically based, rehabilitation programs to clients with severe acquired brain injury.

South West Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service - Assisting those with acquired brain injury to re-integrate into the community and providing support for family and carers. Residential and non-residential rehabilitation services available in New South Wells, Australia.

Supportive Living, Inc. - Offers life-long supportive housing, life skills training, recreational activities, and personal care attendants to enable survivors of brain injury to achieve their highest level of independence in the community. Located in Massachusetts.

Thompson's Brain Injury Rehab - Day rehabilitation program in Virginia to assist brain injury survivors in overcoming their disabilities and with the transition to home, school, work and independent living.

Transitional Learning Center at Galveston - Providing post-acute brain injury rehabilitation through physical, mental, emotional, and social therapies in a residential setting. Addresses all aspects of daily life through individualized treatment programs and functional therapy.

Traumatic Head Injury Rehabilitation Services at Robin Hill Farm - Educational and rehabilitation services for adults from throughout the Northeast with acquired brain injury. Providing assisted living in a beautiful residential setting in Deering, NH.

Virginia NeuroCare, Inc. - Offers client-centered and family-focused therapeutic programs for individuals with acquired brain injury. Provides transitional, vocational, and recreational rehabilitation, and has residential facilities. Formerly the John Jane Brain Injury Center, now affiliated with the Medical College of Virginia Hospital.

Vision House - A private, non-profit program that provides cognitive, psychosocial, and vocational rehabilitation services for adult survivors of Acquired Brain Injury.

Vista Centre - Located in Ottawa, Canada, the Centre provides residential and supported independent living programs to adults who have sustained a TBI. Includes information about the programs, admission criteria, and facts about brain injuries and occupational outlooks.

Waldee Services - Provides assessment, rehabilitation, and litigation support services, to enable clients to improve their quality of life by maximizing responsible self-direction and effective functioning within the community. The professionals involved in litigation services have years of experience in providing expert reports for law firms and providing expert testimony.

Westcountry Case Management - Advocacy and management service for people with brain injury or neurological impairment in SouthWest UK residential, rehabilitation, or community settings. Member of British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers.

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