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These are web sites of interest to brain injury victim carers, therapists or families. They are included here because I have found them to be particularly helpful.

If you want your wondeful site to be featured here and are willing to give a reciprocal link, please tell us about your site - contact page.



This is aabrain injury rehabilitation program located in New York State. OT's are an integral part of their intensive rehabilitation programs. Their mission is community reintegration.


Traumatic Brain Injury -
One of the very best initial guides to head injury. Dr Johnson, a clinical neuropsychologist, wrote this book in clear, easy to understand language and then made it available on the web.

The Brain Injury Recovery Network -
This is a great site for the family of someone who is going through the initial phases of brain injury and beyond. It is well researched and upbeat, one phrase stands out: "We think you have to act as if you only have one choice. That choice is to believe and act as if your loved one is going to be completely healed".

The Brain Injury Association of America -
The site is maintained by a grass roots organisation and gives range to a huge range of information and resources. It provides that kind of information that the family need to become their own advocates and is very empowering.

Also see their page which covers the chartered state affiliates, with full contact information.

Brain Injury Resource centre -
This is an excellent, chaotic, brilliant, vast site. Prepare to spend hours browsing if you are interested in head injury. It has information about the brain and how injury affects brain functioning; resources, including medical and rehabilitation ; advocacy including life skills and legal resources and lots more

Research and training centre on community integration for individuals withTBI -
The RTC is funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR), which is part of the United States Department of Education. This probably explains why this site is so incredibly generous with good quality research reports, which are made accessible at various levels.

Family Caregiver alliance
FCA has developed a wide array of services based on consumer needs. Often described as a "one-stop shopping center for caregivers and this means that it covers many issues relevant to the carers of people with brain injury.

Occupation UK -
OccupationUK is a virtual institute that provides a focus for individuals committed to the occupational nature of humans. The primary aim of the institute is to promote health through occupation for individuals and communities.

OT Direct Occupational Therapy links -
OTdirect is an independent site for Occupational Therapists, OT Assistants and OT students, produced by OTs in their spare time. It aims to provide not only links to useful resources on the web, but study notes, practice updates and training listings.

Medical coding, billing and transcription employment
Home or part time employment in medical coding, billing or transcription.


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