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Brain Injury Lawyers - provides free guidance and information for people coming to terms with the impact of a head or brain injury. The information and resources on these pages are provided by Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, national leaders in specialist brain injury legal services. - Brain injury lawyers arranged by their state.

Legalpointer - Has a large list of personal injury lawyers for every US state.

Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer - Alot of concise information about head injury from a legal perspective, and contact forms for lawyers in a few specific states and towns. also has brain injury lawyers lists by US state, plus some in Canada. Each state’s entry has information about the local lawyer and an online contact form.

Open Directory Brain Injury Support Groups - List of the main online brain injury groups.

Open Directory Brain Injury Forums - List of Brain Injury chat sites for families and caregivers.

Your local Brain Injury Asssociation will also be able to recommend a lawyer or attorney, and you should consult them for free advice.

You can also check here: Brain Injury Association of America

Searching for local brain injury lawyers in major search engines: you may never have needed to do a very specific search like this before.  You will need to combine a search for brain injury (as a phrase) with the name of your immediate location and the word 'lawyer'. For example, in the search field you could put this:
"brain injury" lawyer "San Diego" 

This gives much more specific and useful results than a search for brain injury lawyer San Diego.


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