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Anoxic Brain Injury - resources

The Terry Schiavo story - Full details at Wikipedia.

Los Angeles Caregiver Resource Center - Fact Sheet   Los Angeles Caregiver Resource Center - Fact Sheet: Hypoxic Anoxic Brain Injury

Brain Injury   Brain Injury Information from Health Info.

UpToDate Anoxic brain injury: Assessment and treatment   UpToDate Anoxic brain injury: Assessment and treatment

Anoxic Brain Damage   A Boston, Massachusetts hospital, Brigham and Women's Hospital is a leader in women's health issues, patient care and medical research. BWH is consistently named at the top of the US News and World Report's hospital rankings.

Headway - the brain injury association   Headway - the brain injury association.

Shepherd Center: About Brain Injury   Shepherd Center: About Brain Injury

Acute Brain Injury: UI Health Topics   Acute Brain Injury: UI Health Topics.

Centre for Neuroskills : View topic - Anoxic brain injury  Centre for Neuroskills : View topic - Anoxic brain injury, treatment

Anoxic Brain Damage - Anoxic Brain Injury   Diseases, Conditions and Injuries.

Amantadine treatment of a patient with anoxic brain injury   SpringerLink - Journal Article

Induced Hypothermia in Anoxic Brain Injury   Induced Hypothermia in Anoxic Brain Injury

ThirdAge: Anoxic Brain Damage   ThirdAge: Anoxic Brain Damage.

Acquired brain injury   Acquired brain injury refers to any type of brain damage that happens after birth. Causes include disease, substance abuse, oxygen deprivation, infection or a blow to the head.

Brain Injury Glossary   The Brain Injury Glossary.

TBI Support Group Links   Extensive links to traumatic brain injury support groups and organizations worldwide.

L.I.F.E. Center   Brain Injury: An Overview - Severity Levels and the Recovery Process.

Toronto Rehab - Guidebook for Referring Professionals   Toronto Rehab's Guidebook for Referring Physicians - Neuro Rehabilitation Program.

Brain Damage Attorneys - Facts about Brain Damage   Brain Damage provides a nation wide directory of lawyers, attorneys, and law firms specializing in brain damage.

Brain injury Association of NH: Press Release   Brain Injury Association of NH's mission is to promote awareness, understanding, and prevention of brain injury through education, advocacy, research, and community support services that lead toward reduced incidence and improved outcomes of children and adults.

Brain Injury Rehabilitation   Brain Injury Rehabilitation.

Neurotrauma Registry links to other brain injury sites   Links to brain injury sites. Links are categorized into 10 major areas.

Health Care Information Resources -- Brain Injury Links   Health Care Information Resources -- Brain Injury Links.



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